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Mauren and Justin Wedding Preview 09/15/2016Houston, TX
Dewsnap Newborn 09/07/2016Temple, TX
Mauren and Justin Preview 08/21/2016Houston, TX
U Anesthesia Graduation 07/31/2016Salt Lake City, UT
Baby 07/27/2016Salt Lake City, UT
Richter Family Reunion 07/17/2016Beorne, TX
Mauren and Justin Engagements 07/17/2016Spring, TX
Peggy 1 Year Preview 07/14/2016Bryan, TX
Mauren and Justin Engagement Preview 07/05/2016Spring, TX
Dewsnap Maternity Shoot 06/28/2016Bryan, TX
Dewsnap Maternity Part 1 06/21/2016Bryan, TX
Dewsnap Preview 06/14/2016Bryan, TX
Meghan and Jesse Aggie Shoot 05/03/2016College Station, TX
Ashley and Ariel Engagements 05/01/2016Bryan, TX
Ashley and Ariel Wedding 03/26/2016Bryan, TX
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